are you ready to go after your dream &

lead a different kind of life?

Maybe you know what you want, but you can’t see a way to make it happen.

Maybe you’re too overwhelmed to even contemplate a change.

Or you haven’t the vaguest clue what to do.

I’ll work with you to help connect you with your dreams and desires, and create a plan for making them happen.

We dig deep to peel back the layers so that you gain a greater understanding of your purpose and find your direction.  

You will also learn how to find your balance so that you’re no longer stressed out and overwhelmed.

We work together over a 3 or 6 month period to make your desired transformation happen more quickly, because you won’t be wasting time doubting yourself or procrastinating.

In this program I use and share all the tools that helped me during my search for the ideal career, including planning, coaching, manifestation and magic as well as Tarot, meditation and emotional freedom technique.

My journey started with career development tools and coaches but the work led me on a much more spiritual path offering greater fulfilment than I could have imagined.

My hope for you is that through this work you will be able to understand yourself at a deeper level, make the right choices for yourself and create a career that’s aligned with your deepest desires.

Who I work with

Many of my clients work in leadership roles in engineering, finance and business, or as healers, helpers, teachers and counsellors. What they have in common is an urge to expand and grow, to reach their highest potential where they can make the maximum contribution and do work that truly makes them happy. They love being pushed out of their comfort zones because they want bigger, richer and more rewarding lives. 

My 3 month coaching program includes:

  • 90 minute induction session
  • 9 x 60 minute career coaching sessions
  • Email support between appointments
  • Intuitive readings for guidance on career alignment
  • Free tickets to my meditation classes for the duration of the program
  • Support with documents including resumes, cover letters.

Investment for 3 month program

$2500 in one or two payments.

I accept payments via bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

Why work with me?

As a coach and mentor I’ve worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life, helping them to understand themselves, make happier career choices and find the right language to communicate their worth to employers.

I love what I do, but it wasn’t always that way.

Back in 2014 I had my own career crisis when I realised that after having my son, I no longer wished to return to my work as a copywriter and journalist.

Finding my way and following my true path has taken years of reflection, meditation, personal growth and business crafting and building. The advice, encouragement and inspiration provided by coaches, mentors and teachers was crucial to my growth and expansion.

I know the answer you are seeking exists, and the way is there for you to have what you want.

I’d love to support you on your journey.

I’d returned to Australia after living abroad and was feeling frustrated with the job hunting process. Looking back I lacked clarity about what I wanted and what was best suited to me. You helped me think about the opportunities for my long-term career in a new way. I feel excited and optimistic that I can build my career into something that combines both my personal and professional interests. The process was surprising, insightful and empowering.

Madeleine Farrelly

Marketing Manager

Denise’s work is life-changing. When I saw Denise initially, I was seeking to make a change and start a new career adventure. Her guidance led me on a journey of self-reflection and I re-connected with what was important to me, which informed not only my career goals, but also my life. I realised that going to work was not only about what you do but as much about how you want to feel. I am fortunate to have worked with Denise. Her approach is informative, intuitive and I felt connected during the entire program. One of the most valuable experiences of my life. Denise helped me re-set my compass. I’ve travelled a long way away from where I was. With gratitude I am navigating a new course in my life.

Valentina Belay

Former Architect

I came to see Denise because my contract was finishing up and it had been a long time since I last looked for a job. The biggest value I got from our time together was the guidance on proactive job search and ideas about how to expand my current limited networks. Denise is very knowledgeable and experienced. She’s also very approachable and was able to help me set clear goals to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. If you don’t know or aren’t clear, she helps you identify what it is you need (and want). Thanks very much Denise.

Karen Argall

Program Manager

How to book

As a first step you can either schedule a free Clarity Call with me, or drop me a line, let me know what you’d like help with and we’ll take it from there.

If you choose to book a call this will help me to understand your story and your needs. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you jump on the phone so don’t stress about not knowing what to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To your success + happiness


I discovered Denise’s business on the Flying Solo website and couldn’t believe that someone could combine these two parts of life, at once! The whole process was enlightening and very practical. Simply taking the time to work out ‘what’ my career question was (through the online booking form) helped me focus on what I really wanted to change. This meant my hour long session with Denise was even more successful. Her advice was terrific and I came away with a page of notes and also, some really solid direction about not only where I needed to make changes, but also how to make them. Thanks for the clarity, Denise!

Lucy Kippist

Writer & Editor

From a 10 minute conversation, Denise was able to put together a coaching programme that met all my immediate job search needs. Three coaching sessions later, I had clarified the direction of my job search, a resume that highlighted my skills and capabilities for the roles I was applying for and a LinkedIn profile to match. Having a coach who understood what I wanted to get done and supporting me to make it happen was invaluable.


Financial Controller, Melbourne

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