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What to expect

You may think of Tarot as fortune telling but the cards can only tell you about events based on your current energy, and this can change in an instant if you so choose.

This is why the Tarot is such a useful tool for supporting healing and energy work. It can reveal insights that are not in our conscious awareness offering us an opportunity to change our future outcomes for the better.

In my readings I channel guidance through meditation and the Tarot. This guidance comes from Source, the Akashic Records and Spirit Guides. All readings are prepared in advance of our call so that I can receive these messages and provide this information in writing for you.

Each reading is divinely guided and carried out with the intention that the information revealed will be for your highest good. We look at the underlying blocks to your abundance and financial flow and how best to release them.

How the process works:

At the time of booking you’ll be asked to fill out a form with any questions or issues you want me to cover. Because readings are done in advance of the call, it’s important to include everything on that booking form as I won’t be able to answer additional questions on the day. If you don’t fill out this form that’s not a problem, I will still complete the reading based on the information that’s most relevant and beneficial for you.

On the day of our appointment, I take you through the reading and you can ask clarifying questions, but again, we won’t have time to add anything new. You receive a written document with your reading at the time of our call.

Appointments are via Google Hangouts or Phone. You will be provided with my details at the time of booking and it will be up to you to call me at the appointed time.

Policies & ethics

Cancellations: I ask for 24 hours’ notice as a courtesy for any cancellations. If you are a no-show you forfeit the allocated time.

How to get the most from your readings:

Ask good questions

I would advise you to steer clear of questions about what will happen in the future or what you should do. I suggest you frame your questions in a more empowering way such as, how can I …? or what do I need to know about….?

Keep an open mind & heart

If you’re attached to hearing a certain outcome, sometimes you’ll miss the gem of information that’s there for you. Try and stay open to what comes through in the reading, it may not be exactly what you expect or want to hear but that doesn’t mean it’s not important for you to know. Remember too that nothing is set in stone, and that you have the power to change your outcomes by making different choices. The cards will reflect your current energy and provide guidance on your available choices.

Be on time

I start and finish on time, so if you’re late it means we have less time on the call. My schedule doesn’t allow for changes on the day unfortunately.

If you have other questions feel free to contact me and if you’re after something more tailored, I can help with that too. 

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