Many of the women I talk to have brilliant ideas and do amazing work.

Some have started work on career changes, film scripts or business plans.

Then they hit some kind of snag. Plans go on ice. Projects gather dust in a drawer.

Others are building businesses but not seeing the results they’d hoped for.

Convinced they don’t know the solution, they get stuck and can’t move forward.

This kind of procrastination can be physically painful (you know when you feel sick even thinking about it?), which of course leads us to avoid the work even more.

Luckily there is something you can do.

Create a bigger goal.

You might think this sound simplistic. Illogical even. But it works every time.

If you think about it, when your goal is something you think you can easily achieve, it’s actually not that motivating.

It can even be a little depressing.

You might beat yourself up for not having this more attainable goal yet because by rights you should have it. This leads to pushing, grasping and ultimately staying stuck even longer.

When you set a bigger goal on the other hand, you create a bigger container to step into.

There’s a feeling expansion and possibility that wasn’t there before.

It feels freeing and exciting. It kicks up your motivation and your vibration and you start to see new possibilities for success, opportunities that didn’t occur to you before.

When you set a goal that’s at the edge of what you think you can achieve, you also show up in a much bigger way.

It’s like switching a light onto full beam, your path seems clearer.

It’s no accident that when you set your sights higher, your results also accelerate and expand. They can’t but respond to the change in your energy.

It doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly, but you’ll be motivated enough to deal with the inevitable challenges.

And you’ll be showing up as your biggest best self each and every day.

Do that consistently enough, and no goal will be too big.    

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