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Client Testimonials

At a major transition point in my life and career, I found it incredibly helpful to work with Denise. She helped me stretch my view and get a wider perspective on why and how change can feel sometimes like going backwards before you gain ground. I now have more trust that leaning into the uncertainty and letting go of the old is the right thing for me.

Fleur Romano

I returned to Australia after living abroad for a number of years and was feeling rather lost and completely frustrated during the job hunting process. Looking back I realised I lacked clarity in terms of both what I wanted in my new role and what kind of role was best suited to me. This confusion was causing me to feel extremely frustrated when I wasn’t getting any traction with roles I felt suitably qualified for and not even all that interested in. I really valued the coaching to understand what I offered, my inherent personal traits as occupational strengths that not everyone has. I also valued the future mapping work did, thinking about how I can actually work to combine my personal interests with my professional expertise. You helped me think about the opportunities for my long-term career in a new way. I went in hoping to get specific help on revising my resume and cover letter. I think I was looking for quite practical support, but with your approach and our time to talk through things more broadly, I ended up getting much more out of the session. 

Madeleine Farrelly

I wanted to re-set my compass. I was seeking guidance to navigate a career change, re-position myself and my skills, see myself in a new way, to create a new life, one that aligned with my values and my interests and the professional that I wanted to be. I had an idea, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. The biggest value I got from our time together was new insight. With guidance, I re-connected with myself. For me, the entire program was just as it should have been, tailored to me, working, one step at a time. 

Valentina Belay

I discovered Denise’s business on the Flying Solo website and couldn’t believe that someone could combine these two parts of life, at once! The whole process was enlightening and very practical. Simply taking the time to work out ‘what’ my career question was (through the online booking form) helped me focus on what I really wanted to change. This meant my hour long session with Denise was even more successful. Her advice was terrific and I came away with a page of notes and also, some really solid direction about not only where I needed to make changes, but also how to make them.

Lucy Kippist.

I had worked in 2 positions over the last 18+ years, and given my CV and interview skills were out of date, I needed advice and support to develop my CV and Linked In profile, understand ways of finding employment and understand contemporary interview requirements. The biggest value for me was the proactive job seeking via networking. Denise is very knowledgeable and experienced. She’s also very approachable and was able to help me set clear goals to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. If you don’t know or aren’t clear, she helps you identify what it is you need (and want).

KA, Program Manager

Event Testimonials

Denise your talk was inspirational! And relevant for all aspects of life, not just career. You have such a lovely way of connecting with your audience and I could see so many of us in the room nodding our heads enthusiastically. I look forward to attending more of your workshops.

Kristie Murphy

Denise was so wonderful in facilitating this process, making sure that it was tailored to the needs of the group. It was really easy to work through the materials at home. I had everything I needed to expand upon what was covered in the workshop.

Kristen Ross

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