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Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done. ~ Benjamin E. Mays

Wish you could do work you love while still paying the bills?

As a career coach I worked with a lot of women who wanted this same thing.

Financial fears often kept them stuck in jobs they weren’t passionate about, stopping them from following their dreams.

The belief that you can’t make money doing what you love is an illusion. Soul work is not about sacrificing income or giving up a well-paid job. It doesn’t mean working super hard or pushing yourself to the limit.

It’s about freedom, prosperity and living with integrity. 

When you let go of the need to have control over everything, and surrender to life’s natural rhythm and flow, the right path starts to open up.

Sacred Practices, Career Coaching & Personal Development 

The Soul Work Sessions offer a sacred space for you to figure out how you can do soul work without making financial sacrifices. This work is about radical self-awareness and feminine empowerment. We dive deep into your hopes, dreams and fears and clear whatever stands in your way.

In the session, I tune into your emotional body and read any blocks or imbalances. When you heal your nervous system, your vibration rises. It’s easier to get a clear view of your potential when it’s no longer obscured by issues such as anxiety, stress or overwhelm.  

I will offer guidance through the Tarot to reveal insights into your current career and future opportunities, as well as sharing recommended practices for overcoming blocks and manifesting your vision. 

These sessions are spiritual and intuitive as well as practical. Rituals, magic and divination are my thing and I use them to set powerful intentions in motion and do the deep work of transformation required to create life changes. 

You’ll get the benefit of my years of experience. Not just as a career coach, but as someone who’s created a business from my gifts by following my own guidance. In addition, to offering readings and guidance, I’ll share the practices and teachings that have helped me on my path, including healing rituals, meditations and energy and manifestation principles.

Over the course of 4 weeks we connect the dots between your soul’s mission and your financial security.


By the end of our time together you can expect to have:

  • More confidence in your vision and your power to create it
  • New opportunities to do the kind of soul work you want
  • More clarity on your strengths and how to double down on them
  • A new understanding of your past and the ability to let it go
  • Less struggle and more access to joy and contentment.


The Soul Work Sessions are for women who want more from their careers but aren’t sure how to create the change they want. You’re ready to make the switch, but feel as though you’re missing key pieces of the puzzle.


$550 for 4 x 60 minute sessions.  

Note: If you need one-off guidance on an issue to do with your career, you can book the Soul Purpose Reading which includes guidance from the Tarot and recommended practices for healing and manifestation.


Currently these sessions are available online via Zoom/Skype or by phone.


Fill out the form below to receive the booking and calendar link.

I currently have availability through April and May, starting week beginning 14th April. Please state your preferences in your message.

I hold this space for you with an intention to be of the highest service and for you to manifest your fullest potential.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Love & Blessings


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