Follow your True Path and Transform your Career

Hi, I’m Denise and I’m a career coach and meditation teacher.


I work with individuals to help them transform their careers,

build self-confidence and make positive changes in their work lives.


I also partner with organisations to facilitate workshops on

leadership, confidence and mindfulness.

I offer:

  • One on one Career Coaching Appointments + Coaching Programs
  • Tailored Keynotes + Workshops on Mindfulness, Navigating Change + Building Confidence
  • Mindfulness Meditation Classes + Workshops

Join me at my next Melbourne workshop, or find out more about my coaching services.


Stay on the road

A couple of years after I moved to Melbourne I finally got myself a car. There was no such as thing as Google Maps back then, and relying solely on the Melways (remember Melways?) and my gut instinct, I was forever lost and running late. The same thing was happening...

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Important Update + Upcoming Melbourne Workshop

This week's post is coming to you in the form of a VLOG, very unusually for me I know! I've come out from behind my screen because I have an exciting update for you and I also want to let you know about my upcoming event, the Transform your Career Workshop which is...

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Are you showing up?

During a coaching session, a client once mentioned how she would need to have her ‘game face’ on for an upcoming interview. Why do you need a game face? I asked. That sounds like hard work. What? You mean I can just be myself, she asked. We both laughed. It's...

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