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New Moon in Virgo (30/8 at 8.38pm) Lean into what you judge

We’re being called to lean into the parts of ourselves that we tend to judge, dislike or wish we could hide. There are messages hidden within each of these judgements that we can access if we’re willing to view them with discernment.

You’re likely to feel this most keenly in your intimate relationships. If you are dating or in a relationship, what are other people reflecting back to you about what they see in you? Perhaps they are judging the way you look or how you are.  Feel into these judgements to see if any resonate, remembering that your vulnerability is where your power lies. If you are highly sensitive you have likely been judged for feeling too much, when this ability to feel deeply is actually your superpower. Bring your awareness to these judgements now and be prepared to strip away what is not real to uncover the truth.

In doing this self-inquiry you’re being asked to deepen your love for yourself, stepping into who you are more fully by integrating all of the different aspects of the self. Recognising that perhaps you are not outgoing or hardworking, or calm or selfless enough for some people. But to others including Spirit, you are everything.

All of these imperfections together create the unique perfection that is you, the wholeness that is you. This is why denying these aspects of ourselves doesn’t serve us. Remember you didn’t come here to experience only joy or happiness, you came here to experience everything. Because you are so much more than you could imagine. All that you are and all that you’ve experienced is a part of your story.

Embrace, love it, be it.

Happy New Moon in Virgo.

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