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How I work with Mercury Retrograde energy

As we navigate the final Mercury Retrograde season of 2019, I thought I’d share some insights into how I work with this energy. There’s so much information online about how retrograde energy is something to worry about or avoid, but that’s really not the case. Sure it’s not the ideal time to start new things (such as businesses, relationships or romance), but it’s the perfect time to work behind the scenes on new projects or revise and refine old ones. What this period also offers is an opportunity to heal past traumas or experiences not yet consciously integrated, which ultimately frees you to enjoy life more.

What I’ve learned about working with retrograde energy is that those issues that may have surfaced during the previous retrograde cycle but were never processed are going to show up again in this next one. This is such a great opportunity to heal whatever is presenting itself. Maybe last time around you were too busy or just too scared to go there. In my experience, when the time is right, the lesson or issue you need to work on will surface and in this regard, Mercury Retrograde energy is so beneficial.

When something comes into my awareness that I need to work on, I ask my guides for help. They will usually bring clarity in some form, sometimes in pictures but most often through my emotions. By allowing these emotions into my body and reliving the past experience, event or trauma, I can then begin work on healing it. I use my breath to work through the emotion, but you can also use some form of movement such as yoga or dance to help you process the emotions. Spending time in nature is also really important for the healing process because it’s connecting you to oneness and Source energy.

Allowing emotion to flow through your body in this way can take practice. We’re programmed to resist what doesn’t feel good so it’s important to go easy on yourself if you’re tempted to bypass this step. As with everything, take this at your own pace. If the emotion is feeling too much, give yourself permission to let it go or distract yourself.

This healing process is not particularly linear of course. It’s important to know that these emotions won’t necessarily disappear right way, but they don’t have to be overwhelming either. If you’re worried then do this work with a friend or counsellor. What I’ve learned through processing so many past experiences is that healing is really about noticing the emotions come and go (it can really be this simple), while realising that we don’t have to ride the waves each time they come up. As the person you are today, you can handle the emotions you pushed down or avoided in the past. Trust that the reason this issue is coming up for you now is because you can handle it. You’re strong enough to do this now. It’s also important to keep some perspective when processing past events. Remember that whatever happened is in the past,it no longer has a hold over you and the people involved can’t hurt you anymore. Focusing on the joy that’s in your life right now can really help you to stay grounded while you’re dealing with difficult emotions. Stay centred in the things you love about your life right now.

Depending on the issues you’re working on, you may find that inner child work or soul retrieval will help you to integrate your past experiences. Inner child work is about reintegrating the parts of ourselves that split away when the original trauma occurred. At this younger age we didn’t have the tools to deal with our emotions and so we split off the parts of ourselves that were not accepted by others. As children we are reliant on our caregivers so we do what it takes to be accepted and survive in our environments. As adults we now have the tools to process these emotions from the past and so we can go back and find these lost parts of our inner child and bring them back in. When you do this you may find that you discover new gifts or talents, or you may experience a greater capacity for joy. Soul retrieval work is from the Shamanic tradition and again, it’s about going back to retrieve lost parts of ourselves that split away at an earlier age, or perhaps even in previous lives.

You may feel the need to get the help of a practitioner or if you’re used to doing this work, you might be happy to go it alone. The key is to trust in your body and what it’s feeling. Mercury Retrograde can give you the gift of feeling into the emotions in relation to past events. It’s up to you whether you trust that or let logic take over and dismiss them.

The work we do during Mercury Retrograde tends to be deep and can often reach back into childhood and beyond, so it’s important to get lots of rest and to nurture yourself with activities that you love. This is typically a time when we want to pull back, not put ourselves out there too much and to conserve energy, so heed this call if that’s what’s coming up. It’s particularly important if you’re doing inner child work as those inner children may need some extra care. Think about activities that you loved as a child and see if you can incorporate some of these into your day.

Similarly, be mindful of who you surround yourself with during retrograde cycles. If it’s not feeling good, press pause on certain relationships while you allow yourself time to heal. Your body is literally transmuting old cycles right now and that’s no small thing. Be kind to yourself, nourish your body and do things that dial up your joy. It could be as simple as cleaning your space, adding something beautiful like a bunch of flowers or making something new for your home. It might be spending more time with loved ones or going on a hike. Whatever is feeling good and healthy go do it.

If you learn to work with the energy of Mercury Retrograde rather than viewing it as something to dread or tiptoe around, it can help you make radical shifts in your life that bring more freedom and happiness.

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