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Full Moon in Aquarius (15/8, 10.29pm AEST): Birthing New Ideas

The Aquarius full moon arrives tonight (15/8) and it’s the ideal time for birthing new ideas and moving in directions that are more in alignment with your true self. If there’s a career change you’ve been wanting to make now is your time. Or if you’re an entrepreneur, think about what you can offer that will resonate with your customers and that you also enjoy doing.

Be honest about the situations in which you tend to hide your true self. It’s time to drop the masks and let yourself be witnessed as you are. This will allow you to also unveil your gifts and talents with confidence. Just be mindful to offer your talents where they are appreciated. The more in alignment you are with yourself, the more you will be able to attract the right people.

Keep your sights trained on the highest manifestation of what you want. What you want is truly possible for you now. You can have it all but you need to believe this and be prepared to drop any fears around being seen and accepted.

If in doubt call upon your spiritual support team, your spiritual and teacher guides, angels, ancestral guides and Spirit. Know that you have access to guidance and that you’re never alone and can face any challenge.

You’re being called to drop old ways and move beyond ancestral patterns and ingrained beliefs you used to accept without question. This may cause you to feel vulnerable as though you’ve been cast adrift in uncharted territory, but this is exactly where you need to be right now. Dismantling these walls and shields that have kept you safe and having the courage to do things differently will serve you well.  Take a risk even if you feel like a newborn foal taking your first shaky baby steps. It will be worth it!

If you have a full moon clearing practice such as a cleansing, forgiveness or meditation ritual, be open to any healing information that comes through in this process. You have an opportunity to break through old barriers holding you back so that you can access more light and joy.

This is a time of great growth and potential for you. You will reap the rewards of any new projects or ideas begun at this time. Important news is on its way. Stay open.

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