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You want to live with more ease, more flow and more joy.

You know what you want and you’re ready to create that vision.

But trying to make ends meet while creating your dream career or starting your own business is no fun. The struggle can get real.

When you’re lying awake worrying about how you’re going to pay the bills it can make you question your decisions and your path. 

I’m here to help you see that you haven’t made a huge mistake. You’re just experiencing the usual blocks and obstacles we all encounter when we find our path and decide to follow it. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. 

Through a unique blend of career development principles, coaching, strategy, energy and manifestation work, I can help you to clear your blocks and create more success.

Areas I can help with include:

  • Navigating transitions, finding direction & clarity
  • Connecting with your inner guidance, making the right decisions
  • Support to land interviews and secure the job you want
  • Dealing with money blocks, manifesting abundance, creating freedom
  • Clearing any blocks or non-supportive energies.

You can hire me if:

  • You want to change careers, start or grow a business
  • You want to grow your income and you’re feeling blocked
  • You have many ideas but no real direction on which one to pursue next

What to expect

  • Private coaching in person at Malvern, VIC or on the phone
  • Intuitive readings that offer insights on blocks, dreams and unhelpful patterns
  • Embodiment practices and meditations to help you connect with your inner guidance
  • Feedback and editing of your documents including resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, pitch emails or website copy
  • Guidance and support on networking, self-promotion and goal setting
  • Resources such as books, recordings, meditations and career management tools
  • Action steps and reminders emailed to you each week. 

I’m supportive and hold the highest vision for your potential. While no one can do the work for you, I can provide insights into your blocks and challenges, guidance on your path and practical support to achieve your career goals.

How we work together

For best results I work with people for one to three months. If you have different needs, book a chat with me and we can work out a plan.


$995 for a 4 week coaching intensive.

Email me to get started Or book a chat with me below. 

You helped me think about the opportunities for my long-term career in a new way. ~ Madeleine F.

Read more about what my clients have to say.


Need a one-off appointment to help you shift into the next phase of your career?

In a one hour session we can get to the heart of your challenges and figure out what the next step is so that you can overcome any blocks and start making money. 

You can make your booking below. 

Please note all face to face appointments are in Malvern, VIC. Phone/Skype appointments are also an option. 

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