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When old patterns prove difficult to shift, you need new insights to help you understand what’s really going on. If you’re working on making changes in your life and not seeing the progress you’d hoped for, it’s possible that old imprints, energies or karmic cycles are causing a block.  

It you want to transform any area of your life whether it’s your career, money or relationships, it helps to gain an understanding of what’s really in your way. Many of these patterns are caused by childhood experiences or unresolved wounds that are not in your conscious awareness. When you bring these issues into the light, you open a space for healing and transformation, and for abundance to flow into your life.

In these sessions I provide a reading on your current energy and any blocks to your chosen career or manifestation process. You will receive answers to your questions through the Tarot, an ancient form of divination, and also through myself as a conscious channel. The intention for this reading is that these messages will be in your highest good providing clarity and healing.

Through this reading you will gain an understanding of what needs to be cleared and released so that you can manifest the future you want.


  • Click the link below for your preferred option or email me at
  • Appointments are available either online or in person at Toorak, VIC. If choosing the in person option, I will email you with the address after you book (it’s next to Toorak train station). 

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