We’re one week into the Abundance in April challenge and I have to say the energy has been intense around here. I’ve started to build momentum although progress has been slower than I would have liked as I’ve been recovering from the flu.

Having said that, I’ve had so much to be grateful for this week including extra time off to enjoy school holidays with my son, a doubling of employer contributions to my retirement account (out of the blue), an unexpected $70 refund, help and support from friends, negotiating a better deal on a business software package, free parking and some great feedback from clients that I’ve been working with.

With all of that I feel like a lot of new opportunities are emerging but haven’t quite come to fruition yet. In the past this would have made me stall or give up. It’s obviously not working so what’s the point? But now I know that this is really all about navigating the mystery – that in-between time when you set your intention but it feels like nothing major is happening. It’s when you have to take action in faith even though you can’t see results yet. Faith is so important and in the past, this has helped me to overcome so much resistance to what I wanted to create in my life. I’m drawing on this strength again this week to put my plans into action and act on my guidance even when I feel nervous and unsure.

Apart from what has flowed in here is what I’ve learned this week:

1) To stay in gratitude and be thankful for every blessing

I’ve tried to make it a habit to wake up in the morning and give thanks right away for my day and what lies ahead, even if I’m feeling not so great. It definitely gets the day off to a positive start. It’s been easier to do this because I’ve set up a practice most days of writing down every good thing that happened during the day, from the 5c coin to the colleague who helped me out to meeting a new and helpful contact. As it turns out, there is a lot of good stuff happening in my life every single day that I haven’t always paid attention to.

2) The importance of reaching out and asking for help from your community

Because I’ve been ashamed in the past about my financial circumstances, I still find it hard to reach out and share or ask for help from others. I’ve tried to break out of that this week by being in community and sharing what’s going on with my friends and accepting that support and encouragement. This is hugely important and one of the reasons I’m involving you, my community, in this too. We’re all in this together. No one can do this alone, no matter how independent we feel and want to be.

3) To deal with my money blocks in a more compassionate way

This week I discovered that I’ve still got some blocks around what I deserve to have in my life and I’ve become aware of all of the judgements I hold against myself for not being where I want to be financially. The danger for me is getting stuck in that place of beating myself up (which is really just a form of resistance) and letting it go. This has been my main work this week. And by the way it’s common to find that emotions come to the surface for healing when you make changes like this. You’re transforming your relationship with money here and it’s not easy. So patience is required and a bit of love and self-care too.

My intention for this coming week is to get more into the flow of money and abundance and take actions with more ease, rather than pushing myself, and I’m really looking forward to what this week will bring.

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