I believe that dreams are possible, even big, wild, crazy ones like yours.

I know the world would have you believe differently, and maybe you think it’s not practical to go for what you really want.

But your dreams are no accident. They’re imprinted on your soul and there’s no pushing them away, no matter how much you try.

What you want is possible, but part of the deal is you fully showing up as the best of yourself.

This means healing those old stories, hurts and judgements that have dogged you in the past.

There’s a reason behind all the experiences you’ve had, and if you’re an empath or intuitive, then you’ve probably encountered some rough terrain on your journey.

This ‘make it happen’ world of ours is not built for highly sensitive types, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find our way and do the work we were born for.

You may feel like you’re stuck at an impasse, crippled with indecision and unable to move forward. While traditional career development tools can offer insights, they rarely have all the answers.

I too tried all the conventional approaches to finding the right career and although I found clues, I still felt confused. So I went looking for alternative answers. What followed was years of study in areas such as mindfulness, meditation, the law of attraction, magic and manifesting, Taoism and the Tarot amongst others.

What I found was beyond my expectations and completely changed my approach to my work.


While I have qualifications and a comprehensive grounding in career development theory and still use all of these tools in my work, my approach doesn’t adhere to a traditional model. When you work with me we’re as likely to engage in meditation or visualisation as we are to complete career assessments. Depending on your needs, we might be consulting the Tarot or doing planning, coaching or manifestation work. My work is holistic and intuitive and my programs are tailored to each client’s needs.

I work with women who want to expand and fulfil their potential. I’m here to support you to grow, discover what lights you up, see new possibilities for happiness and success and find the courage to go after your dream.

I work 1:1 with coaching clients in my 3 and 6 month coaching programs. Contact me for more information or read more about how to work with me.

You can also book one-off coaching appointments with me at Malvern.

I offer tailored corporate workshops and meditation classes for organisations and events. Previous clients and events have included Seven Sisters Festival (2019), Mind Body Spirit Festival (2018) and Liquid Learning.

Get in touch for further details.

With Blessings & Love

Denise XXX

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