Hello, I’m Denise. 

I believe in the power of taking dreams seriously.

Dreams are the clues that will lead you to your right career. 

There’s a reason why those thoughts keep tugging at the corners of your mind, begging for attention. If your experience is anything like mine, ignoring them won’t help much.

Deep down you know that you can do more, work that’s fulfilling for you and that also helps others, whether that be teaching, starting a not for profit or baking the best chocolate brownies on the planet.

Maybe you can’t see a way to make it happen, or you’ve been pushing really hard with nothing to show for it.

I’m asking you not to give up on yourself.

I help my clients to connect with themselves on a deeper level, create goals that make them happy and put together a doable action plan.  

I won’t tell you that you are capable of anything. Or that doing what you love will automatically lead to prosperity.

But I will help you to deepen your understanding of your strengths and desires and see new possibilities for success.

How to work with me

My 4 week Coaching Intensive is for job seekers who want to get clear about their goal, and work with me to make it happen quickly and with more ease.

I also help people to talk about what they do with more clarity and successfully market their skills and experiences to potential employers.

Want to book me for a one-off 90 Minute Breakthrough Consultation to get clarity and strategise your next move?

We can do that too. Simply book here or email me with the subject line 90 Minute Breakthrough.

As well as my services I also dish out advice each month on the blog and answer your career related questions.

Why work with me?

I’ve helped hundreds of professionals to make their next move including getting promoted, relocating to a different city or restarting careers in different industries as well as finally getting a job that makes them happy.

I’m warm, practical and holistic in my approach. I support my clients to create a plan and I also help you to get out of your own way and take the right kinds of action (usually that doesn’t involve sending your resume into the black hole of online job search).

My credentials

In addition to my experience I have postgraduate qualifications in Career Development and Coaching and I’m a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia. I truly love my work and I’m 100 per cent there for my clients.

Before becoming a career coach, I worked as a journalist, a copywriter and before that as an executive assistant in the corporate world. As well as running my own business, I’ve had my fair share of challenges and I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to create the kind of career you’ll be proud of when you’re 80. I want to help you achieve this (I know you can).

Other facts & snippets about me…

Originally from Ireland (still have my accent), I live in Melbourne where I’m the proud single mama of a 5 year old boy.

I’m on a mission to help women do great work, make a powerful contribution to the world and earn more money while they’re at it.

And I’m also a passionate advocate of living with less and have seriously overhauled my life in recent years to align with these values (not easy with all the toys in the house but you can follow my adventures on Instagram). I also support various charities including Good Shepherd Australia and Compassion Australia.

If you’d like to stay in touch come and find me on Facebook and Instagram.

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I’m here to make your job search easier so please reach out if you have a question or issue you’d like help with.

Denise XO

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