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My Story

Raised in Catholic Ireland during one of its bleakest recessions, my career got off to a shaky start. Even when conditions improved and jobs were easier to come by, I struggled to find work that was enjoyable and financially rewarding.

Years later I started my own business, but my early years of entrepreneurship involved significant financial stress and a feast and famine cycle I couldn’t seem to break. Much later while working to heal this pattern I realised how much I’d been influenced by these early experiences of financial lack.

During a meditation training course in 2018 I connected with my spirit guides, discovering quite by accident an ability to channel information from Spirit. This ability helped me to heal old wounds and karmic imprints that had plagued me for years, including a fear of being seen and sharing my voice.

Many of these imprints had their roots in childhood and living in a patriarchal system. Others originated in past lives and traumas experienced by earlier generations of my family. Through working on my healing I was able to free myself from old patterns including anxiety and low self-worth. While I’d always known that my mission was to help people overcome struggle, it was now clear to me that I was to do this as a conscious channel for Spirit.  

My work

My Money Readings provide insight on how to heal internal blocks and release them to call in your abundance, while my 1 on 1 coaching sessions support your growth and transformation.

I tune into your energy and view the old stories and traumas that are causing blocks. Through Spirit I receive healing messages to support you, with additional insights from the Tarot. My intention with each session is to receive guidance on your behalf on how to clear non-supportive energies from your system.


I’m a certified meditation teacher and I run regular classes to help with clearing and release, cultivating self-compassion and raising your vibration. Keep an eye on my website for upcoming events or sign up to the newsletter. My next class is on June 29th at Sum of Us in Prahran

I’ve also been a speaker at industry events such as Mind Body Spirit (Melbourne 2018) and Seven Sisters Festival (2019) as well as teaching workshops at various corporate events.

What to expect from me

I have total respect for you and where you are in your journey. I’ve experienced the pain of an uncertain future. I also know that when you get to the other side it’s worth every second of the work it took. I believe we all have the creative power to change our lives if we are willing to release old karma and conditioning. With my skills I can offer you new insights into your potential future path and how to heal the blocks in your way.

I’ve included more information about what to expect when you work with me here. If you still have questions you can contact me at

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