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I’m a career coach, intuitive reader, meditation teacher and entrepreneur. I’ve combined multiple skills and passions to create a business that helps people to make money doing what they love.

Having launched several businesses and careers, I understand how important it is to do the inner work alongside the strategy and practical action. When our goals are not aligned with our purpose, we can find it difficult to make progress and potentially block our success.

My background combines qualifications and experience in career development, an accreditation in meditation teaching and experience in integrating the modalities I use with clients including energy clearing, manifestation and embodiment work.

I understand the challenges and pitfalls of entrepreneurship and personal growth and I have total respect for where you are in your journey.

Raised in Ireland during one of its bleakest recessions, my career got off to a shaky start. Even when conditions improved and jobs were easier to come by, I struggled to find work that was both enjoyable and financially rewarding.

Years later I started my own business but my early years of entrepreneurship were stressful and I couldn’t break the feast or famine cycle. It was only later while working to heal my money wounds that I started to understand the childhood imprints that led to these patterns of overwork, hiding my gifts and financial stress.

I’ve transformed many of these old patterns to create a business and life that’s in flow and aligns with my purpose and gifts. You can follow on Instagram to read more about my journey.

I also teach meditation and mindfulness classes and workshops, and I’ve been a speaker at wellness events such as Mind Body Spirit (Melbourne 2018) and Seven Sisters Festival (2019).  

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