You want to do work that’s both meaningful AND rewarding

You’re talented and capable of more.

But trying to achieve your goal

has left you feeling frustrated.

I believe that you are on this planet
to do work that means something. Work that excites and fulfils you.


As an Career Coach, I help people to simplify and fast-track their job search
so they can get results with more ease and less stress.


You’re not confused.

‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.’ Siddhārtha Gautama How often do you stop yourself from making changes in your life because you don’t know what to do? Sometimes it’s appropriate to take time out and reflect on our dreams and...

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Stay on the road

A couple of years after I moved to Melbourne I finally got myself a car. There was no such as thing as Google Maps back then, and relying solely on the Melways (remember Melways?) and my gut instinct, I was forever lost and running late. The same thing was happening...

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