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We’re living in a time when human consciousness is expanding more rapidly. As the earth’s vibration rises, old structures and hierarchies start to fall away. If you’re an intuitive or highly sensitive, you’re likely to feel these changes more deeply, sensing the need for change and renewal, and perhaps a call to live in more alignment with your purpose.

While connecting with the soul and following inner guidance is the path to fulfilment, it can be challenging to trust in this path when old beliefs and illusions are still dominant.

In my readings I hold sacred space for you to clear negative energy or old programming that blocks manifestation and holds you back. I do this by intuitively tuning into your field and channelling messages from your guides to support you and guide your next steps.

I created Midnight’s Child essential oil sprays to help people attune to their higher selves and truest nature. Containing the highest quality essential oils and the healing vibration of plant essences, each one of these mists is made with water that’s been blessed and charged with moonlight and prepared with love, care and specific intent.

Ideal for use in ceremony, ritual or meditation and for blessings, intention setting or prayer, it’s my greatest wish that these essential oil sprays will support the realisation of your fullest potential.

With love & blessings,


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