Learn how to take charge of your career & land a job you love

The course combined with the coaching sessions has been so worthwhile for me. If I hadn’t done this I’d still be going around in circles doing all the wrong things and feeling miserable. The modules were easy to listen to and implement. Now I have a plan and the momentum to move forward. My sense of happiness about the future is back and I feel more empowered.  Lynne Beckingham

Senior Manager, Perth

As a career coach I see way too many job seekers relying heavily on job boards and getting frustrated when they don’t make the cut.

They lose confidence and start believing they don’t have what employers are looking for. Given you’re reading this page right now, I’m guessing that you can relate. Deep down you know you have what it takes.

So why is finding the right job so hard?

This program is a proven system for finding the right job, not just for the next month, but for the rest of your career. I’ve personally used these principles and taught them to many of my clients with successful results.

During the 4 week program we will cover: how to build your confidence and create the right mindset for success, how to avoid competing with hundreds of other applicants and go straight to the source, how to become a power networker (even if you’re starting from scratch + hate networking), how to present + market your skills to potential employers, and how to negotiate a better salary.

Imagine if:

  • You didn’t have to compete with anyone else for the job you want
  • You could find a job that suited your unique skills + talents
  • You always knew how to find your next job (no matter what the economy was doing)
  • You could negotiate a better salary or more flexible conditions with confidence + ease


What you will learn

Module 1: Laying the Foundation

Uncover the common ways that job seekers sabotage themselves, learn how to build your confidence and create the right mindset for success.

Module 3: Job Search Strategy

The best strategies for finding the job you want, without applying through job boards.

Module 2: Getting clear on your personal brand

Audit your skills and discover your unique selling proposition. Create elevator pitches, resumes and LinkedIn profiles that engage potential employers.

Module 4: Networking

The art of building a powerful network and tapping into it to find a job, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Bonus Module: Earn More Money

Learn how to negotiate a higher salary or more flexible working conditions before you sign the contract.

Investment: $99

This program is right for you if:

* You’ve been applying for jobs for months and getting nowhere

* You don’t tend to perform well during interviews

* You know you should be networking but you don’t know who to contact or what to say

* You hate the idea of networking (you will love it after this program!)

* You don’t know how to approach companies for work

* You’ve lost your confidence as result of the constant knockbacks



Find your Ideal Job in 30 Days is a 4-week self study program and will be open for bookings in June 2017.