Leap and the net will appear – Zen saying

When I first read Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big, I realised there was something I was really good at. Hiding. My hiding strategy was perfectionism: Endlessly polishing and overcomplicating my work as a way to cover my fears about whether it was good enough.

In her book, Tara documents a number of other hiding strategies women use such as collecting other peoples ideas instead of voicing your own or pursuing more and more education (‘I’d better get a PhD in it first’) because you feel that you are not ‘enough’ as you are.

The antidote to this sort of behaviour is what Tara calls leaping. I loved this concept so much that I immediately thought of ways I could use it in my own work and with my clients.

A leap is a simple action you can take within one to two weeks that stretches you out of your comfort zone and puts you in contact with the audience you want to reach. The most important thing about leaping is what you learn from the experience.

So instead of designing the perfect website, maybe you create a simple social media page where you can send clients and trial your ideas.

Instead of writing your memoir you could write a personal essay and send it to a magazine for publication.

Instead of resigning from your job, you could take on a side project to develop new skills.

There are many different ways to leap.

The 10 Step Career Discovery System was my small leap. I started it by publishing articles every day for a month on my blog. It helped me to stop hiding and move into pursuing my passion now. Instead of taking months to write an e-book, I was able to assess whether the information was useful right away.

What action can you take in the next 1-2 weeks that will help you to move forwards?

Remember, leaping will help you do things now. Not years from now.