You want to do work that’s both meaningful AND rewarding

You’re talented and capable of more.

But trying to achieve your goal

has left you feeling frustrated.

I believe that you are on this planet
to do work that means something. Work that excites and fulfils you.


As an Career Coach, I help people to simplify and fast-track their job search
so they can get results with more ease and less stress.


Join the Money Mindfulness 30 Day Challenge

Today is the first day of our Money Mindfulness Challenge and I’m really excited about the lessons I'll be sharing with you over these next 30 days. It’s been over four years since I started studying my relationship with money and building a healthier attitude towards...

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Weeks 3 & 4: The Path to Yin, More Joy & Learning to Let Go

There is a reason why this update hasn’t been posted until now, and that’s because April went a little nuts. There have been new clients, job interviews, PR opportunities. There were also many happy events, including reunions with old friends, social events with new...

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Week 2: Opportunities, Life Lessons & Grounding in the Now

We’ve reached the halfway point of our challenge. I don't know about you but it’s been a tough week thanks to Mercury Retrograde, littered with plans that went sideways, and problems with contracts and paperwork. I feel relieved to emerge on the other side with...

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