Career Coaching

Feeling stuck and frustrated with your career?

Wish you could do something you enjoy and find rewarding? You’re in the right place.

I’m all about doing work you love that makes you feel inspired, fulfilled and at your very best.

You want to do work that’s richer and more fulfilling so you can use the best of your skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in the world. You’re just not sure how to make that happen. It’s overwhelming and confusing not to mention a little scary.

That’s what my work is all about. I help people to develop a deeper understanding of who they are, what they truly want and what they have to offer so that they can successfully transform their careers and do work that’s in alignment with their goals and values. In that process, we uncover the blocks and self-sabotages that keep you stuck in a holding pattern so you can move forward with your plans unhindered by any barriers or limitations.

Single Appointment

Need some guidance to help you plan the next stage of your career? Or maybe you need expert advice on how to prepare for an interview or job application. Book a private phone consultation or email me to find out more. $280

Career Change Mentoring

Get my support over 60 days to create a new and more fulfilling career. More details coming soon. In the meantime send me an email to inquire or book a Discovery Call below. $1775

The work I do is tailored to each client. Here are some of the things I have helped people to accomplish:

Successfully transition into a new industry with no prior experience


Develop job search skills ahead of redundancy & successfully secure employment


Get closer to their true desires and create career goals that are in alignment


Understand themselves better so they can overcome barriers and take their career to the next level


Denise’s work is life-changing. When I saw Denise initially, I was seeking to make a change and start a new career adventure. Her guidance led me on a journey of self-reflection and I re-connected with what was important to me, which informed not only my career goals, but also my life. I realised that going to work was not only about what you do but as much about how you want to feel. I am fortunate to have worked with Denise. Her approach is informative, intuitive and I felt connected during the entire program. One of the most valuable experiences of my life. Denise helped me re-set my compass. I’ve travelled a long way away from where I was. With gratitude I am navigating a new course in my life.

Valentina Belay

Investment Banking Professional and Former Architect

I came to see Denise because my contract was finishing up and it had been a long time since I last looked for a job. The biggest value I got from our time together was the guidance on proactive job search and ideas about how to expand my current limited networks. Denise is very knowledgeable and experienced. She’s also very approachable and was able to help me set clear goals to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. If you don’t know or aren’t clear, she helps you identify what it is you need (and want). Thanks very much Denise.

Karen Argall

Program Manager

The course (Find Your Ideal Job in 30 Days) combined with the coaching sessions has been so worthwhile for me. If I hadn’t done this I’d still be going around in circles doing all the wrong things and feeling miserable. The modules were easy to listen to and implement. Now I have a plan and the momentum to move forward. My sense of happiness about the future is back and I feel more empowered. 

Lynne Beckingham

Senior Manager, WA