6 questions for career discovery

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As a journalist, one thing I learned to pay attention to was the way I phrased my questions.

Because great questions generate powerful responses (just ask Oprah).

Unless you’re interviewing politicians of course. But that’s a whole other blog post.

The same philosophy applies when you’re trying to figure out which career is right for you.

To get a clear answer you have to ask the right questions.

Here are six questions to help you figure out where your heart truly lies.

1) What are you continually drawn to?

Maybe you’re addicted to blogs on interior design, constantly reading books on personal finance and property investment, or you’re obsessed with MMA fighting. Write it down no matter how random it seems.

2) What do you get lost in?

You know that feeling when you check the time and go, how the F did it get so late? What are you doing when that happens? What do you get so lost in you lose track of time?

3) What makes you angry?

What do you get all heated up about? I’m not necessarily talking about your parking ticket or the yappy dog next door. But maybe you love art and get mad about the lack of opportunities for young artists and how they have such a hard time getting accepted in the industry if their work is not in vogue. This leads you to think about becoming a mentor or coach for young artists. Just one example.

4) When are you at your most content?

If you’re at your most peaceful when you’re with your family or friends pay close attention to what you’re doing when you get that happy glow. Are you helping one of your kids with their homework? Comforting them? Telling your friend a funny story? Playing? Preparing a meal?

5) What do you value most?

When people are unhappy in their jobs, it’s often because the work they do or company they work for clashes with their values. If your top priority is time with family for example, you’re unlikely to be happy doing 80 hour weeks at a law firm. Reflect on what you value – money, time, doing work you feel good about – what is number one for you?

6) What are you afraid of?

It sounds strange I know but your fears can lead to your true desires. Pay particular attention to thoughts like “I could never…”, “I don’t have the experience/skills/balls to do that”, “I would need to do X before I could do that”.

When you’re done, look for patterns, connections and themes in your answers.

This could be the starting point for exploring an exciting new career.

If you want more try out here is a quiz to help you figure out who you’re really meant to be.

Did these questions reveal anything interesting for you?