I love affirmations because they’re such a great way to turn around any negative self-talk. It’s really exciting to be embarking on a new career but it can also bring up all sorts of insecurities.

So choose an affirmation. Say it out loud at least once a day (and more often to yourself).

What you choose to say should resonate and make you feel stronger.

You can choose any affirmation you want but here are some I’ve used myself along with others that I’ve written with you in mind.

1) It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step (courtesy of Denise Duffield-Thomas).

2) My skills are valuable now and will only improve with time

3) I am free to give to others all that the universe provides through me

4) I am perfect right now just as I am

5) I am open to all the success and abundance that life has to offer

6) There is no better way to earn money than to do the things I love to do

7) Every day I am becoming a powerful, successful and wealthy woman

8) Life is always working out for me and I see more and more evidence of that every day

9) This is what a {insert desired career choice i.e. highly successful interior designer} looks like (Say this as you look in the mirror)

10) I want to live in a way that is in harmony with my vision of a good life

11) Why am I so frickin’ awesome at my job?

(Works well if you tend to engage in negative questions like: Why am I so useless?)

12) Today I choose to be amazing at my job

13) I have no one to impress but myself

14) I am grateful for the way I change and grow every day

15) It took a long time to build Rome and I’m still learning.

16) I promise to love myself through every challenge that I face

17) My life is unfolding exactly in the way that it’s supposed to

18) I always have a choice in everything that I do

19) I can do anything I set my mind to

20) I can take this one day at a time

21) I can

Do you use affirmations?