5 ways to silence your inner critic


We all have an inner critic waiting in the wings of our subconscious, just waiting to give us a good kicking when we’re down. For writers the kicks seem to be extra hard, or at least that’s my perception. Our inner critic tends to be particularly loud and hard to ignore when we’ve experienced … [Read more...]

How to deal with conflict at work


I know internet trolling is creepy and nasty. But copping abuse in person or over the phone can be a challenge too. Call centre operators will know what I’m talking about. I’ve never worked at a call centre, but I have worked as a journalist for a local paper so I’m no stranger to abusive … [Read more...]

Why I’m Unapologetic


I’ve mentioned before that it annoys me when I apologise to people who bump into me on the street or in the supermarket. I've also come up against this problem in a work setting when I say things like: Sorry but can I just say… Sorry but do you mind if … Sorry is there any chance I … [Read more...]